Woodhouse Beach Resort, is one of the leading beach resorts in Varkala (kerala) which provides both the modern and the traditional amenities of life to the tourist. Woodhouse beach resort is situated on the seashore of the varkala beach. Another specialty of the Woodhouse beach resort is its cottages, which is made out of woods. These wooden cottages are located near the varkala beach and provides the tourists a calm and natural feeling. These beach cottages are for the tourist who wants to lead a simple and traditional life. For those who want modern life, Woodhouse beach resorts provides air-conditioned rooms. This combination of modern and traditional life facility is a peculiarity that you can find here at Woodhouse Beach Resort.


Ayurveda has attracted people to kerala, The GODS OWN COUNTRY for ages and has mesmerized the foreigners by its shear charm and effectiveness. Ayurveda is different from other forms of medicine and is a holistic system that prevents body ailments and cures them. Ayurveda treats the entire body as a whole and is highly effective in curing modern ailments. Ayurvedic treatments detoxify and rejuvenate the whole body system for curing the ailment and enable general fitness. Treatments are based on Ayurvedic oil massages & these massages help in improving blood circulation, streamlining, building up immunity, removal of toxins and excess fat. Ayurveda treatments have a pioneering role in enhancing the tourism development in kerala and spread the fame of kerela in medical tourism. There are a lot of ayurvedic centers situated near varkla beach.


Kerala, the GODS OWN COUNTRY is one of the most charming tourist destinations worldwide. Kerela is sought for its renowned beach resorts, the backwaters, the houseboats, the hill stations, the exotic wildlife forms, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic treatments. Kerala, The land of coconut palms has enough to seduce and attract tourists from far and wide. Tourists have named Kerala, the green Venice, for its serene beauty of nature. Tourists are mesmerized by its natural & cultural heritage. The boat races, Kadakali and the ancient martial arts Kallaripayattu are a treat to watch. The dreamy beaches, the heavenly lagoons and the curving waterways, the lush green paddy fields, the scents of cloves, pepper, ginger, tamarind, cinnamon and the house boat cruise along the backwaters along with Ayurvedic therapy has made kerela tourism unique.


Varkala, situated in the capital city of Kerala, God's Own Country, is one of the major tourist centers in south kerala. Varkala is famous for its beauty of the beaches and the ayurvedic resorts. The calm and quite atmosphere of these beaches attracts tourists to varkala. The main attraction in Varkala is the PAPANASHAM, this is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Varkala is also famous for Medical Tourism. The long sandy beaches, beautiful resorts, fresh air etc attracts the tourists to Varkala, who wish to make the holidays enjoyable and a memorable one. The unique and beautiful sights of varkala is one of the best examples for the beauty of God's Own Country.Varkala beach is about one kilometer long and divided into two. The northern end is for sun worshippers & the southern end is for Hindu devotees.